Das Europäische Parlament hat am 4. Juli beschlossen, eine Untersuchung der Abhör- und Geheimdienstskandale der letzten Wochen zu unternehmen. Der Innenausschuss (LIBE Committee) hatte dazu bereits eine erste Aussprache, und über den Sommer werden die Konkreten Anhörungen und anderes vorbereitet. Wir haben folgende Zeugen und Experten zur Vernehmung vorgeschlagen:

Suggested Witnesses for the LIBE Inquiry, Jan Philipp Albrecht, 11.7.2013
1) Intelligence / Law Enforcement

  • Heads of national police and intelligence agencies
  • Rob Wainwright, Director of Europol
  • Ilkka Salmi, Director of the EU Intelligence Analysis Centre (INTCENT), formerly SITCEN

2) Whistleblowers

  • Edward Snowden, ex-CIA, for Booz Allen Hamilton at NSA
  • Mark Klein, ex-AT&T, discovered the “secret room” built to divert backbone data
  • Thomas Drake, ex-NSA, disclosed classified information on the NSA’s wire-tapping program
  • William (Bill) Binney and J. Kirk Wiebe, ex-NSA, leaked information on the NSA Trailblazer programme
  • missing: any European whistleblowers!

3) Academics and investigative journalists, technical and legal experts a) on fact-finding

  • Glenn Greenwald, The Guardian
  • James Bamford, wrote the seminal books about the NSA
  • Duncan Campbell, wrote the first STOA study on Echelon (1999)
  • Erich Möchel, expert on ETSI lawful interception standards
  • Caspar Bowden, wrote EP study on Cloud Security and Privacy (2012)
  • Dr. Christopher Soghoian, principal technologist and senior policy analyst, ACLU
  • Prof. Josef Foschepoth, wrote a book on NSA interception in Germany since WWII (2012)
  • Dr. Gus Hosein, executive Director, Privacy International, on the UK situation
  • Dr. Ian Brown, Oxford Internet Institute, EU COM expert on security and privacy
  • Prof. Douwe Korff, expert on CoE law and infringements by PRISM and TEMPORA
  • Frank Rieger, spokesperson of the Chaos Computer Club, expert on secure communications
  • Dr. Ben Hayes, Statewatch, expert on the „surveillance-industrial complex“
  • Nicky Hager, wrote the first book about the NSA

Updates, 19.7.2013:

  • Constanze Kurz, spokesperson of the Chaos Computer Club, expert on internet surveillance
  • Jillian C. York, Electronic Frontier Foundation
  • Dr. Judith Rauhofer, University of Edinburg
  • Prof. Priscilla M. Regan, George Mason University
  • Dr. Richard Clayton, Cambridge University UK
  • Prof. Henry Farrell, George Washington University
  • Prof. Abraham Newman, George Washington University
  • Christopher Connolly, Galexia, on Safe Harbour
  • Dr. Joris van Hoboken, Axel Arnbak, Prof. Nico van Eijk, University of Amsterdam, authors of “Obscured by Clouds. How to Address Governmental Access to Cloud Data From Abroad”
  • Frederik Borgesius, University of Amsterdam, on private companies data collection and use
  • Rainey Reitman, Electronic Frontier Foundation, on the NSA

b) on recommendations

  • Gerhard Schmid, EP ECHELON Rapporteur 2000-2001
  • Jacob Applebaum, TOR Project, on interception
  • Smari McCarthy, Icelandic Modern Media Institute, on whistleblower protection and interception security
  • Caspar Bowden, on cloud security
  • Ben Emmerson, UN Special Rapporteur on the promotion and protection of human rights and fundamental freedoms while countering terrorism
  • Frank Larue, UN Special Rapporteur on the promotion and protection of the right to freedom of opinion and expression, on whistleblower protection
  • Florian Walther, Chaos Computer Club, on IT-Security of EU institutions (he already testified in LIBE in the hearing on the cyberattacks directive, 2011)

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