Die Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung lädt in Kooperation mit Digitale Gesellschaft e.V., Reporter ohne Grenzen und der Mädchenmannschaft am 22.03.2013 nach Berlin zur internationalen Workshopkonferenz  „Energize, Polarize, Mobilize! Human Rights. Participation. Activism. Internet“ (Programm als pdf) ein.

Die ganztägige Veranstaltung bringt zahlreiche internationale NetzaktivistInnen zusammen, um unter anderem gemeinsam über „Menschenrechte und Meinungsfreiheit“, „Freiheit des Internets vs. Regulierung“ und „Geschlechterdemokratie“ zu diskutieren. Für die Keynote konnte die Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung Jillian York( EFF’s Director for International Freedom of Expression) gewinnen.

Weitere TeilnehmerInnen sind u.a. Reem Al-Masri, 7-iber – Markus Beckedahl, Digitale Gesellschaft e.V. – Robert Dürhager, Oxfam Deutschland, e.V. – Vera Franz, Open Society Foundations – Barbara Lochbihler, Member of the Green Party / EFA group – Christian Mihr, Reporters without Borders e.V. B- orka Pavicevic, Centre for Cultural Decontamination Nanjira Sambuli – Matthias Spielkamp, irights.info – Maya Indira Ganesh, Tactical Technologie Collective –  Jérémie Zimmermann, La Quadrature du Net.

aus der Einladung:

The spread of digital technologies has given new opportunities to activists around the world. At the same time they can also be the cause of new threats to activists and people using digital media for political communication or mobilization. Successful campaigning and political action requires knowledge of digital technologies and social media, as well as skills in communication strategies and creative forms to express a message.
Together with our main partners Digitale Gesellschaft e.V., Reporters without Borders e.V. and Mädchenmannschaft we will attempt to answer the question: «What are the tools and trends, the opportunities and challenges for activism in 2013?» both on a theoretical and practical level and also both online and offline.
A one day conference will deal with the central issues of online and offline activism in 2013 as well as introduce the current debate on the three main issues:

  • Human Rights and Freedom of Expression
  • Internet Freedom vs. Regulation
  • Gender Democracy, Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation

Expert speakers and the invited activists will present these topics in presentations and panel discussions. The conference will be open to the public and press. Guests will be activists from Albania, Armenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Egypt, Georgia, Germany, Hungary, Jordan, Kenya, Palestine, Poland, Russia, Serbia, Sudan, Thailand, Tunisia, Ukraine and Yemen.

Anmeldung und Stream:
Die kostenlose Konferenz ist offen für aktive Teilnahme. Um Anmeldung auf den Seiten der Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung wird jedoch gebeten. Die Konferenzsprache ist Englisch. Die Veranstaltung wird gestreamt.

9:30 Opening for registration

10:00 «The Hungarian Orange»
Installation by Artur van Balen, Tools for action

10:30 Opening of Conference
MCʼs Geraldine de Bastion & Christian Römer

«The singing pool», Musical action with Pascal von Wroblewsky, Germany

11:00 Key Note: Jillian York, EFF

11:30 Translating Activism into political Action
How to transport online protest into real political action.


  • Markus Beckedahl, Digitale Gesellschaft
  • Ralf Fücks, Heinrich Böll Foundation
  • Katarzyna Szymielewicz, Panoptykon Foundation

Moderation: Julia Scherf, Heinrich Böll Foundation

12:30 Barriers and Dangers: How to deal with repression, censorship and surveillance

A brief overview of the current techniques and tools used for surveillance and censorship will be presented.
Ways for activists to protect themselves against these techniques will be discussed.


  • Christian Mihr, Reporter ohne Grenzen
  • Jérémie Zimmerman, La Quadrature du Net
  • Maya Indira Ganesh, Tactival Technologie Collective
  • Reem Al-Masri, 7iber.com, Jordan

Moderation: Geraldine de Bastion

13:30 Lunch break

14:30 Freedom of Press
What is the global state of press freedom? How do countries rank and where are journalists under threat?

Key Note:
Matthias Spielkamp, irights.info

Commentary by:

  • Norbert Pálfi, Hungary
  • Nuriya Fatykhova, Heinrich Böll Foundation, Russia
  • Orapin Yingyongpatthana, iLaw, Thailand

15:15 Economy of Activism
Independence vs. need of money. What are the limits in terms of sponsorship, crowdfunding and other
fundraising trends? How do activists deal with the need to stay independent but also raise money?


  • Robert Dürhager, Oxfam Germany e.V.
  • Barbara Unmüßig, Heinrich Böll Foundation
  • Vera Franz, Open Society Foundations

Input & Fishbowl:

  • Márton Gulyás, Kretakör, Hungary*
  • Ahmed Asery, 3 meters away, Jemen
  • Tamar Gurchiani, ISFED, Georgia
  • Aleksandra Sekulić, CZKD, Serbia

Moderation: Cengiz Barskanmaz, HU Berlin

16:30 Coffee break

17:00 Feminist Alliances across borders
Global and local issues connected to gender (in)justice, women and LGBTI rights. The panelists will discuss their experiences, addressing the topic of collaboration between organisations and individual activists.


  • Elizabeth Ngari, Women in Exile
  • Sheena Gimase Magenya, Sister Namibia, Kenya
  • Miss Kaewmala, thaiwomantalks.com, Thailand
  • Arevik Martirosyan,heghaforum, Armenia*

Moderation: Sabine Mohamed (Mädchenmannschaft)

18:00 Generations of Activists
How does a life time of activism change a person? What is the long term perspective on topics such as political impact, changes in topics, methods and effects of activism? Three women from three different generations will talk about their views on life as an activist.


  • Borka Pavicevic, Centre for Cultural Decontamination, Serbia
  • Nanjira Sambuli, Kenya
  • Barbara Lochbihler, European Parliament, Brussels

19:00 Conference Poetry
Slamolutions! – A new way to relive the conference and let the minds fly.

  • MC Jabber, UK
  • Irina Bondas, Ukraine
  • Sarah Bosetti, Germany
  • Pascal von Wroblewsky, Germany

19:30 Evening programme
Activist Chill Out & Music + Reception


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